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Labayh Business is the solution to achieve optimal organizational growth by elevating your employees’ well-being, ultimately leading to increased performance and productivity.

Why is it essential to prioritize mental health in your workplace?

Every year the GCC loses at least 37.5 million productive days due to mental illness, equivalent to $3.5 billion

Expected to rise to: $6 trillion annually by 2030


Anxiety and stress account for 55% of sick employee absence days


Of employees suffer burnout

$4 return on every $1

In the ROL in improved health and productivity for every $1 invested in initiatives and programs that fostered a resilient and mentally healthy workplace. the return coming in from of:

Lower heath care costs

Decreased turnover

Higher productivity

Lower absenteeism

“Focusing on mental health in the workplace is no longer optional. It’s essential for companies to prioritize this if they want to retain their employees and increase productivity and growth within the organization”

An integrated package of solutions for companies and organizations

Labayh business services are designed for employees, for specialists in developing the work environment and internal communication, and for leaders and executives alike.

Leaders and CEO’s

We assist leaders and executives in solving workplace challenges as all levels of the company.

Workplace professionals

We assist specialists in improving the work environment and internal communication by identifying and assessing any weaknesses.


We help individuals overcome their personal and professional challenges, and assists them in being a productive part of a healthy work environment.

Holistic well-being approach

Our well-being program is evidence-based and designed with a holistic approach covering the six dimensions of well-being.







What does Labayh Business offer your organization?

Nafs provides a range of services to enhance and maintain different aspects of personal and institutional life:

Labayh Business provides your team with professional counseling and coaching services.

We offer personalized consultations to assist your employees in overcoming challenges they may encounter both in and out of the workplace.

Personal Development Coaching

Mental Health Consultation

Social Wellbeing

Financial consultancies

Family affairs Consultation

Fitness & Nutritional Coaching

Offer your employees unlimited access to a comprehensive content library on meditation and improving well-being.

Labayh Business provides scientific-based content in the world of self-care.

Meditation sessions


Sleep stories

Nature sounds and music


Raise awareness of well-being in your organization

We offer workshops and courses that focus on promoting both physical and psychological well-being. We also publish periodic awareness materials to help employees increase their awareness and improve their overall quality of life. Our workshops and publications cover a range of topics:


Resilience at work

Work-life balance

Managing stress

Well-being at work

What would well-being services add to your organization?

More productivity

The well-being of employees is essential for improving productivity and performance. When employees are healthy, they tend to exhibit positive behaviors and make decisions that benefit the organization.

Better morale

When employees’ physical, mental, and financial needs are met on all levels, they tend to feel more efficient and valued.

Attracting competencies

If your company has a reputation for promoting work-life balance, it is more likely to be an appealing workplace for talented candidates. It also increases the chances of retaining your current employees for longer periods in a highly competitive job market.

Customer relationship management

Happy employees are the best ambassadors for your brand. Providing them with a suitable environment will motivate them to serve customers in the best way possible.

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